• Capture images using the Endoscope Buttons…!!

    Great Infection Prevention and Control is basic to guarantee that patients who experience any diagnosis / surgical strategy inside the Surgical Room get protected and powerful care. Surgical site diseases (SSI) represent 14% to 17% of all clinic procured contamination and 38% of nosocomial contamination in surgical patients. It is fitting or obligatory to keep less cables on the floor to accomplish most extreme infection control. Utilizing the Scope Buttons to grab pictures while recording the procedure keeps the Surgical room clean and  gives the doctors the at most comfort. It implies less labor and spares some significant money..)

    Medidoc provides the best and easy method to capture still images of the procedure using the scope buttons while recording the live video. By avoiding any cable on the floor MediDoc Ensures the maximum infection control and keeps the surgical room easy to clean. It can be operated in the modes like Freeze+Trigger, Freeze then Trigger depending upon the surgeons comfort.

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