• MEDidoc

    Medical Image Management & Documentation System

    MEDidoc is a technically excel functionally rich and easy to use documentation system for Medical Image management.
    It provides seasoned way of managing patient records along with grabbed images and recorded video's. And these images/videos can be later edited/labelled/enhanced in order to generate either an informative patient report with relevant images or a detailed CD that plays automatically with CD-Viewer consisting of patient's info, reports and relevant videos.


    MEDidoc works with all the International brands like PENTAX, FUJINON, OLYMPUS, STORZ etc..


    Can be Used With :

    • CATH / C-ARM
    • 2D ECHO

    Features :

    • Single Screen Solution
    • Record in HD (1920 * 1280)
    • HIS integration
    • PACS integration
    • DICOM Modality Worklist
    • DICOM image send & receive
    • Date wise patient list
    • Instant access to patient records
    • Video & Image browser
    • Multiple report templates
    • Video / Image editor
    • CD/DVD burn

    Capture Image/Video

    • HD Video/Image capture
    • Record procedures without any time/size limit
    • Record videos in multiple formats[MPEG ,DVD, VCD]
    • Recording status with audio & visual indications
    • Record multiple videos for individual patient
    • Capture stills while recording or from recorded videos
    • Automatically splits the recorded video in to 600MB or 1000MB for better functioning and safety

    Video Editor

    • Split large videos into many small video clips
    • Combine Selected video clips into one
    • Overlay video clips with logo, organization name etc
    • Insert images from pathology, X Ray etc
    • Join 2 or more video clips to form a complete case video for procedures like ERCP, ENDOSONOGRAPHY

    Image Editor

    • Enhance captured images by modifying properties like brightness, contrast etc
    • Highlight region of interest using lines, arrows, circles
    • Insert annotations using different fonts & colors
    • Insert date , time etc

    Burn CD/VCD/DVD

    • User Friendly CD/DVD burn for patient case record
    • Can burn selected video’s from multiple video’s
    • Burn recorded video, images & reports with user friendly CD-Viewer for enhanced patient satisfaction

    Flexible Reporting

    • Highly flexible report designer
    • Multiple report formats
    • Multiple images with the choices of   size and placement
    • Multiple fonts, colors and images
    • Can be printed on letter head or plain paper with clinic logo & address
    • Export patient reports to PDF
    • Supports MS Word, JPG formats
  • ConfiDent


    ConfiDent-Best Dental Software is a complete ERP solution and unified Dental Clinic Management Software designed and developed professionally. It accomplishes the needs of operating a Corporate Dental Clinic, Multi-Speciality clinic, Solo Dental Practice and Dental Colleges. It caters the advantage of streamlined operations, enriched administration control, prominent patient care, strict cost control and enhanced profitability by harmonizing all functions of the clinics, internally and externally. Superior patient care, EMR monitoring, detention of patients, reduced medical errors, increased reporting and compliance with quality standards are the top preferences for Healthcare Sector. It covers entire spectrum of insurance policies and e-claims as per the UAE Health Authority regulations. They need to fortify back office systems providing real-time patient information, Medical reports, and MIS Reports to the management.

    ConfiDent versions:

    • Single Clinic Version
    • Multi Branch [corporate] Version
    • Dental College

    ConfiDent Clinic version is an extensive collection of firmly assembled business modules explicitly designed for complete dental clinic management.  This  dental clinic software entitle  the management team to focus their efforts on providing added-value to their customers. The powerful MIS reporting helps to amend the organization performance and get rid of exhausting administrative works.


    Confident corporate version is a versatile collection of solidly  embedded business modules exclusively designed for corporate management of dental clinics/hospitals. This corporate dental software entrust the management team to focus their efforts on providing added-value to their customers. The dominant MIS reporting helps to optimize the organization performance.


    Confident Dental college version is flexible and interactive that manages all practice aspects of an educational institute including patient management, practice management, Inventory, Finance, Lab works, Pharmacy etc, giving a cutting-edge performance and solves the most complex tasks in dental education.


    Why ConfiDent-Best Dental Software.. ???

    • Streamlined workflow – adopted by leading dentists
    • Single dental software to manage entire organization (ERP)
    • Highly integrated modules for complete management
    • Select the modules as required – costing applicable only for the selected modules
    • Consolidated & detailed analytical reports for better management control
    • Control on revenue leakages and over heads
    • No more missing records or time consuming physical record search
    • No more malpractices – Highly secured with user permissions and privileges
    • Branding with Patient cards, prescription, letters, SMS, Mails etc

    Features- Best Dental Software..!!

    • Simple, User friendly and attractive UI design
    • Platform independent, works on iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC, Net book, Mobile phones or laptops
    • User changeable settings
    • Drag and drop feature in appointment
    • OPG, Digital Xrays, or patient photographs uploading option
    • Automated SMS and Email to patients
    • SUPPORTS MULTI LANGUAGE- Available in Arabic, English,Turkish etc…

    Online Dental Software

    • Do you travel a lot?
    • Do you have multiple clinics?
    • Do you wish to know the clinic information on vacation or from home?
    • Are you a tech savy?
    • Bothered about Virus attack or data lose?

    Features of Online Dental Software

    • No installation needed- Ready to use
    • Works on any device
    • Access from anywhere
    • Access any time
    • Online appointment scheduler
    • Patient Interaction module
    • Free mini website
    • Free updates and upgrades
    • Quarterly/Half yearly/Annually payment
    • Dedicated data backup
    • Free support for Lifetime

    Offline Dental Software

    • Do you want a faster dental software?
    • Do you want the data within your own server/clinic?
    • Not interested to pay monthly / yearly?
    • Problem with interrupted broad band connection?

    Features of Offline Dental Software

    • Single computer installation
    •  Fast and Secure
    • Scalable & Customizable
    •  No data crash fear
    •   Complete modules
    •  Attractive design
    •   Very user friendly
    •  One time payment
    •  Future device ready
    •  Powerful reports
    • Automated data backup

    ConfiDent- Best Dental Clinic Software is rich with complete patient management with patient details, medical history, insurance details etc.

    With the state-of-art schedule system, you can easily schedule the appointment on available time slots. Using the simple responsive drag and drop feature, you can postpone, prepone or extend the scheduled appointments. The doctor wise view, chair wise view, day view, month view and year view makes it adequate.

    The color coded check in queue system makes it an outstanding dental software and easy to prioritize patients. The single page patient profile gives you a comprehensive idea about the appointments, treatments done, treatment plans, bills, lab works


    • Patient Management
    • Appointments
    • Recall and SMS
    • Check In
    • Fee Management
    • Patient Profile




    • Tele log
    • Specialist’s Patients
    • Simple and advanced search
    • Appointment requests
    • Letter Manager
    • Correspondence manager




    Wish to personalize dental chart with your own designed dental images..???

    Consult at precise and inch perfect..!! ConfiDent-Best Dental Software allows you to create multiple plans for the same patient and execute the confirmed treatments. The graphically extravagant dental chart creates a visual treat for the physicians without losing any vital information. You can embed apt teeth images to each diagnosis & treatments for improved notion.

    The progressive clinical notes helps the physicians to record the decisive particulars on each visit for future reference. The predefined templates in clinical notes helps to save time and error free.

    • Treatment Plan
    • Dental Charting
    • Periodontal Charting
    • Prescriptions
    • Ortho Assessment
    • Medical reports
    • Image uploader
    dental chart

    Proper monitoring of lab works is an integral part for Dental clinic management.

    Confident- Best Dental Software comforts you to track the lab work status, expected delivery dates, amount payable etc..

    • Lab work entry & Receipts
    • Lab reports
    • Labs and Works setting

    The automated claim processing and payments makes confident- Best Dental Software a phenomenal one. It can blend insurance modules specific for each country.

    The digitalized e-authorization, claim submission & resubmission, payment update using the XML file received from the insurance company are added advantages.

    • Fully automated
    • E-Authorization
    • E Claim submission & resubmission
    • Sends a report to the clinics on the status of submitted and rejected claims
    • Payment Update to the accounts from the XML file received from the insurance company
    • Shows the amount settled on each claim
    • Rejected/partially settled claims shows Denial Code with descriptions
    • Insurance Company wise reports

    Fusing together all the essential financial functions confident- Best dental Software stand out as a champion software. Authentic information is consistently available in real-time, enabling smarter, better enlightened business decisions, which really entrust you to frame the way you operate.

    • Automatic postings
    • Income & Expense postings
    • Payment & Receipts
    • Journal Voucher
    • On Account Allocation
    • Statement of Accounts
    • Trial Balance
    • Chart of Accounts

    Inventory (Corp & Clinic): Companies today regularly make or break it based on how proficiently and carefully they manage their inventory. Confident gives you real-time inventory management through integration of all aspects of your clinic.

    It can swiftly pay for itself through diminished Inventory contraction, cash flow escalation, and improved customer. Confident's Inventory Control makes it easy for you to track, print out reports and always be aware of your stock levels. It tracks the stock at central store, clinic store, chair side and quality at freight.

    • Purchase order & Approvals
    • Stock receipt & Finance posting
    • Purchase returns
    • Goods requests
    • Goods despatches
    • Goods returns
    • Movement(HO-Clinic-Operatory)
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Consumption
    • Vendor creation
    • Item registration
    • PO & Return Summary
    • Stock Activity report
    • Stock Adjustment & Consumption report

    Pharmacy module deals with the automation of general workflow and administration process of a pharmacy. It is furnished with the ability to record all drugs and non-drug commodities that come into the clinic, right up from the time they are ordered to their delivery, distribution and dispensing to patients. It can ensure eradication of wastage occasioned by expiry of medical supplies or over-supply if item.

    • Medicine Billing
    • Medicine returns
    • Expiry date tracking
    • Pharmacy reports

    The powerful security settings makes you composed with your clinic administration. Employee roles & permissions, license settings etc. gives you supreme control on your employees. Transparent diagnosis codes, treatment codes, medicine lists uploading system makes confident very user-friendly.

    • Diagnosis & Treatments (codes)
    • Employee management
    • Employee roles & Permissions
    • Doctors unavialability
    • Prescription presets
    • Clinic working and Doctors leaves

    Worried about patient queue in front of the reception...?

    Confident kiosk module helps the patients to register their names / Address, mark check-in, take next appointment or leave a feedback on a dedicated kiosk machine.

    • Patient registration
    • Check in
    • Appointment request
    • Feed back

    Doctors, Departments, Frontdesk and stakeholders all require various reporting formats. Employees spend hours manually formatting spreadsheets and consolidating and collating reports. In ConfiDent , it generates in few clicks!!

    • Dashboard (Analysis)
    • Summary report (Analysis)
    • Filability report (Analysis)
    • Income analysis (Analysis)
    • Collection report
    • Casher wise & Doctor wise
    • Patient register
    • Consutation register
    • Appointment report
    • Missed appointment list
    • Outstandings
    • Follow up report
    • Treatment Analysis
    • Medicine report
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